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The wing XDEEP Hydros 40 is the tailor-made diving wing for demanding divers. The backplate is in aluminium or stainless steel, and it will be delivered ready to dive!

The XDEEP Hydros 40 scuba wing is designed for diving use up to a twin-tank of 2x18L.

Configure your XDEEP Hydros 40 as you like! Backplate in aluminum or stainless steel, inflator length.

From a design point of view, XDEEP has worked on the shape of the Hydros 40 by reducing the central dead volume, which reduces the external volume.







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  • Buoyancy: 18L
  • Harness type: standard DIR in one element
  • Adjustment of the harness: in three points.
  • Shoulder padding: optional
  • Construction: double skin
  • Total weight including harness, bladder and pellet pocket: 3.2kg
  • Outside material: Cordura 1100 deniers
  • Bladder material: 440 denier nylon
  • Backplate: aluminum or stainless steel
  • Inflator: type K
  • Inflator pressure: between 6 bar and 17.23 bar
  • Operating temperature in water: -2 ° C to + 40 ° C
  • Operating temperature in air: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C